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Top trending abstract art

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How do we make our art prints

  1. 1
    Photography of the artwork

    Using an extremenely high resolution camera, the original artwork is photographed by a proffesional under special lighting conditions to eliminitate any distortion to the colors, contrast and shapes in the artwork

  2. 2
    Preparation of the photograph

    The photograph is edited using a proffesional software to make sure the colors and hues in the photograph match the original artwork as closely as possible and to eliminate any artifcats introduced in the photography process

  3. 3
    Printing the artwork

    The artwork is printed on premium canvas using a specialised high resolution art printer and unique pigments designed to mimic the original artworks features. A safe blank space is left around the image allow for framing

  4. 4
    Review & packaging

    The printed artwork undergoes a review by a proffesional to make sure the art print matches our high standards. The artwork is then stretched & framed (per request) and shipped to the customer via fast & free worldwide shipping

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