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Abstract art by Ron Deri

About the artist

Ron Deri

Inspiring abstract art that transcends visual reality


  • Nationally known abstract artist
  • Mostly popular in U.S.A
  • Original paintings and art prints available for purchase
  • Currently working on a new abstract lines collection


  • 2020 - "Untitled"

    Jaffa, Israel

  • 2019 - "The Road Less Traveled"

    Tel Aviv, Israel

  • 2018 - "On the Horizon"

    Jerusalem, Israel

About Ron Deri

Ron creates his artworks using acrylic and oil paints in a style that is unique and innovative in the modern art scene.

Ron's paintings feature vivid and bright colors that will illuminate any room and add an artistic modern look to any interior design.

According to Ron, Every day he wakes up and pours his dreams and imagination on to the canvas.

"I thank god every day for having such a satisfying job that allows me to make people happy with my works of art"

Ron Deri

Ron lives with his two cats in his abstract art studio, located in Jaffa, Israel.

Earlier in his life, Ron had all kinds of different jobs, But he always knew deep inside of him that he is an artist.

That was always his calling and he knew art is what he is going to focus his life around.

For the past few years Ron has been a full-time artist and he is determined to continue painting and creating art for a living for the rest of his life.

Ron is a very spiritual person and this trait often manifests itself in his art.

Rons artworks are often more than what meets the eye, When you observe his work always be sure to keep an eye out for a deeper meaning and concept.

Ron Deri - Abstract art artist, Modern artist, Contemporary artist

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