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Abstract art by Noam Shaked

About the artist

Noam Shaked

Modern art at its most youthful and lively state


  • Emerging modern & contemporary artist
  • Utilizes vibrant & unique combinations of color
  • Original one piece & art prints are available for purchase
  • Favorite art style: Abstract realism
  • Young, Youthful & ready to take the world by storm

About Noam Shaked

The painting process and the paints themselves has been an exciting world of opportunities for Noam for as long as she can remember.

A quiet place she could escape to, Without words or speech. A place she could call her own and form it as she pleases.

Noam's journey as an artist started with black and white pencil sketching of portraits.

For me, Painting has always and will always be a place of speechless silence. My sanctuary.

Noam Shaked

While practicing sketching she learned to pay close attention to details, Every expression and every wrinkle are immensely important.

When she discovered color she realized she finally has the ability to express her thoughts and emotions without words. The ability to say and express everything without speaking a word.

Noam gets her artistic inspiration from the color combinations and the beauty in nature.

Art is an endless ocean, A never ending path. Through walking this path we can achieve virtually anything

Noam Shaked

Noam Shaked - Modern and Contemporary artist

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