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רק רגע - העמוד נטען

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Benny Moshe

Born and raised in Israel, Benny Moshe is an extremely innovative decorative finisher and artist.

Benny combines exciting and unorthodox materials, Such as decorative plasters with traditional art tools and resources to produce awe inspiring works of art.

Benny's career started about 15 years ago in the construction business, Mastering the art of the craft by working on multiple types of building projects.

During his work in construction Benny was exposed to the immense effect color and texture have on the final visual look and feel of a home.
This realization slowly gravitated him to his current occupation - An abstract art artist.

Benny's years of working in construction has taught him some very interesting methods of laying colors and creating unique textures on canvas and these methods certainly contribute to his works of art.

There is something very special and touching about Benny's work.
He has the strong hands of a construction worker and the mind and heart of an artist.
This unique combination of traits manifests itself beautifully in Benny's works of art.

Benny Moshe - Abstract art artist, Modern artist, Contemporary artist

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