Create a visual disruption

Some abstract art is very vibrant & colorful which makes a perfect fit for modern wall decor.

These kind of artworks are a great way to create a visual disruption in your wall decor and add that unique touch everybody craves.

The effect is intensified even more when a very bold and prominent artwork is placed in a rather “stale” home decor.

A lot of modern home are decorated and fitted with basic flat tones and these chaotic artworks are an amazing fit for that interior design style.

The artwork would act as a visual point of interest that will capture the gaze of every person that enters the room.

It will give the decor an interesting twist that is easy and fun to observe.

Black and white abstract art

Black and white abstract has been a rising trend the past few years.

Once you see such art for yourself in a real home you immediately understand why.

Black and white art, Also sometimes referred to as “Duo tone art” or “Monochromatic art”, Has a very elegant and clean look and feel to it.

It instantly adds a sophisticated touch to any home decor.

The true gift of the abstract artist is the ability to reduce and simplify visual reality to mere shapes, forms and tones.

As if that is not hard enough, Imagine trying to convey a complex concept through such simple shapes and only being able to use black and white for your palette.

When done right, Black and white abstract art are simply the most intelligent piece an abstract artist can create.

And for you, The home owner or home decorator – Black and white abstract art could take a mediocre interior decor and turn it into a design masterpiece.

Use a very wide artwork to create structure

For some reason you don’t see very wide artworks being used a lot in home decor and interior design.

Most artworks are made on rather orthodox square, portrait or landscape format.

A lot of modern homes now have very long sofa or cabinets.

One option to fill the void walls behind these kinds of furniture is to use multiple square artworks or multiple portrait oriented artworks.

While this is a great option, You could also specifically look for a very wide work of art that will fill a considerably large portion of the wall over that furniture.

A very wide abstract may be a great fit for your home decor and is definitely something you should consider.

The wider format allows the artist to create a unique scene that could not be achieved on a square or portrait canvas.

The mere fact that there is only one whole work of art over a long sofa could have a massive effect on the entire design.

It creates a clean structured look that compliments the entire decor of the room.

Bring back a touch of nature to your home through wall decor

Our modern homes are mostly made up of “cold” materials.

Steel, Glass, Marble… While all of those are amazing materials they are still artificially produced and do not feel very natural.

Nature is our primal habitat, Adding the right amount of connection to our roots in our wall decor is important.

This can be done using art that features natural scenes or art that features natural tones and textures.

In the photos below you can see some amazing examples for abstract paintings that will add a natural touch to any decor.

We would also encourage you to checkout Ron Deri’s personal website for more amazing abstract art

Use abstract art to create high contrast in your home design

Contrast is one the most important elements in any design.

Using contrast in a smart and intelligent way could add structure and visual interest to your home.

As abstract art is a simplification of visual reality, Some abstract artworks could feature highly contrasting tones within themselves.

Use this kind of artworks to create a visual key point of interest in your wall decor and home design.

You could also utilize the contrast between a specific work of art and the rest of the room decor.

Original abstract art vs. Canvas art prints – Which is right for my wall decor?

Let’s clarify the difference between an original painting and a canvas art print.

An original painting is the artist original hand made work, It is painted manually by artist using various media on a canvas.

An original painting is unique as it is one of a kind.

Since the original artwork is one a kind it would usually mean the artwork will be more expensive and only available in its original size.

A canvas art print is a high quality reproduction of the artists’ original work.

Visually the two are almost completely identical and undistinguishable to the untrained eye.

Since a canvas art print is a reproduction it can be made in various different sizes.

Canvas art prints will almost always be less expensive than the original artwork as they are less expensive and take less effort to produce.

You can read more about our canvas art prints and their production process on our dedicated blog post: Everything you need to know about art prints

We would say for most decor purposes canvas art prints are the way to go as they are less expensive and more flexible sizing is available.


Match the colors of your wall decor with the rest of the home design

Sometimes choosing art that features colors and tones similar to the rest of your home decor is a good idea.

This is usually the case when most of the home is decorated using the same tones and features some accent colors.

Matching toned artworks could extend the home design to the walls and make the room feel complete.

We offer a free online tool to visualize our original paintings and canvas art prints on your own walls.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different original art and canvas art prints before making your choice.

The minimalism art and decor trend

Minimalism has been a rising trend in home decor, interior design and art for quite a while now.

As abstract art is a form of minimalism by definition it is a wall decor for such homes.

Use can use abstract art to extend your minimalism design to your walls and create a seamless transition between the entire room and its wall decor.

This would in turn make your minimalistically designed home feel “whole” and complete which creates a very satisfying setting.

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