Hang the artwork as close to eye level as possible

Some of the best home decor ideas and tips might be a lot simpler than you would imagine, For instance:

There is a common tendency to hang art above furniture.

While this is not a bad idea at all, It is important to keep in mind that art is a visual focal point.

It captures the gaze and visual focus of any person who walks into the room.

Making sure the art is comfortable and easy to look is more important than you might initially think.

If it’s not at all possible to hang the artwork in a reasonable height – Consider placing it on top of shelf or some other surface and lean it against the wall.

There’s no rule that says art must be hung on the wall, It is perfectly fine to place it any other piece of furniture.

If you do decide to hang the artwork on a wall above a piece of furniture, We recommend you hang in such a way so the bottom of the frame is 8 to 16 inches above the furniture.

This would keep the heart of the artwork at an easy and comfortable height to view and appreciate.

Home decor ideas: Use multiple artworks as a collage

Art comes in all shapes and forms.

It is a rapidly growing trend to decorate a wall with a collection of small artworks.

As to organizing the layout of the artworks, There are two main approaches.

A complex “messy” layout – The artworks are placed next to each other but not in parallel lines.

This is a great way to “break the structure” of a room, Its whimsical and creates a warm and welcoming feeling in the space.

This approach is best suited when the artworks are of different sizes and / or has different frames.

The second approach is to place to artworks in parallel to each other.

This in turn creates a very elegant and organized look and feel.

This approach is best if the artworks are of the same dimensions and are placed inside matching frames.

Which ever way you choose to place your collection of artworks, Make sure to space them evenly.

Uneven spacing will result in a messy layout that will be immediately noticeable and disturbing.

Interior design art ideas – Decorate your home with art on a budget

Original art is unique and one of a kind, It’s no secret that original art can be a rather expensive.

For obvious reasons pricey original art may not be the way to go for everyone and that is completely fine.

Now days there are cheaper, less expensive alternatives that are just as beautiful and inspiring.

Canvas art prints for instance, Are a printed reproduction of artists original work.

They are faster and easier to produce and hence less expensive.

When done right, Canvas art prints are almost indistinguishable from the original artwork and can be a great fit for decorating your home on a budget.

Paper art prints are also an option, While they are usually a bit less impressive than their canvas art prints counterparts, They are still a great option for decorating your home on a budget.

Truly inspiring and beautiful original art is often snatched quite fast by serious art collectors, Making it unavailable to the average person.

That is why art prints are a great solution that will allow you to have the cake and eat it too.

How to design a room around a piece of art

One of our favorite home decor ideas is to design an entire room around one unique piece of art.

Every now and then you may be lucky enough to stumble upon a particular artwork that is so inspiring you may want to design an entire room around it.

The first thing you should do is walk into the room and identify where your eyes naturally rest.

That is the main natural visual focus point of the room and that is probably where you would want to place the artwork.

As for choosing furniture and home decor accessories to match the theme of the artwork, Try to choose items that compliment the secondary colors of the art piece.

You don’t want to end up with a room that is entirely designed using one color.

Complimenting the secondary colors of the artwork will help you achieve a room that is tastefully designed and aesthetically pleasing.

Connect the pieces of the room via matching textures, colors or shapes.

It’s perfectly okay to put together a room design that features different colors, textures and shapes.

Preferably, There should be at least one common theme that ties the entire design together.

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to stumble upon that one unique abstract art piece we suggest you check out Ron Deri’s online abstract art gallery.

Don’t over look the bathroom

The bathroom is a room that is quite often simply forgotten when it comes to art.

A bathroom is a place where we are usually alone and in calm soothing mood.

It is absolutely a perfect room to place art in.

Don’t be afraid to choose a more quirky and unique art piece for the bathroom.

For the most part people would be alone while viewing it.

It is a great opportunity to choose an artwork with more of a statement about who you really are.

Bathrooms don’t usually have a large wall space that would allow for a big artwork.

Luckily there are a lot of smaller works of art that are just as inspiring and unique.

Home decor ideas: Use colors and shades to set the mood of a room

For a very long time now we have known that colors have a direct impact of our moods and feelings.

You could use this to affect the mind set and mood of the people who walk into the room.

Soft, pale and low saturation tones are very calming and are a great fit for a bedroom.

Vibrant highly saturated tones draw focus and arouse the subconscious.

Artworks that feature such vibrant tones are great for living room decor or kitchen decor.

While this might seem like one of the simpler home decor ideas to implement, It is a very important one to keep in mind.

Utilize white space to your advantage

Nobody likes clutter, Thats a given fact that is important to keep in mind.

Blank space is needed in order for an artwork to stand out and make a statement.

Make sure the blank space you leave around your artwork is both sufficient and even.

That will ensure the artwork is able to generate the visual focal point it needs to be appreciated.

There is no point in placing a large art piece on wall in such a way that covers almost all the space.

It would create an uncomfortable crowded feeling and that’s a vibe you really don’t want in your home decor.

On the other hand, A well placed artwork could even make the space feel larger than it really is.

Make sure to invest some time and thought to how much space is left around the artwork you choose.

Home decor ideas: Summary

We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive list of home decor ideas and that you found at least some them helpful.

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