Art is certainly an integral and important part of any home decor.
Great rooms are designed and decorated in a way that makes anyone who walks into them feel something just by being there.

Art could help you achieve that desired feeling and at the same time its important to keep in mind that the art you choose tells the story of who you are and how you want people to feel when they enter your home.

In the last year online sales have absolutely sky rocketed as many people where “stuck” at home due to the pandemic.

We’ve decided to compile a concise list of tips for the online art shopper.
These tips will help you find and choose the right art for your home and make sure you’re happy with your newly acquired artwork.

#1 – Take your time

Art is very subjective and there are millions of great artists and artworks out there.

Don’t “impulse buy” the first thing you see, Make sure to browse around in multiple sites, Viewing multiple artworks for sale and keep a list of the ones you liked for future reference.

Once you feel like you’ve explored enough styles and artworks – make your decision.

#2 – Keep the wall the artwork is for in mind

It is important to remember the artwork you are looking for is ultimately destined to be hung on a certain wall.

Artworks require certain spacing around them in order to contribute to the home decor.

Artworks that are placed on a wall without enough spacing around them may give the room an undesired “cluttered” feel and artworks placed with too much space around them may leave the wall looking empty.

Make sure to take measurements of the wall and look for artworks that would fit it well accounting for spacing around the artwork.

#3 – Consider your budget

Home decor projects usually include some kind of budget you have to work around.

Some original artworks may be a bit expensive and for a good reason.

According to said budget you may want to look at more affordable options such as high quality art prints on canvas.

Art prints are a high quality printed reproduction of the artists’ original work. If done right they look almost identical to the original piece aside for the texture on the canvas.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying an art print as opposed to an original artwork – as long as the art print is of high quality.

#4 – Feel free to reach out and ask a question

There’s no shame in asking for help or guidance, A lot of artists and gallery websites will be happy to advise and help you find the perfect art for you.

Don’t be shy, If you find an artwork you like and something is unclear about the purchase process or you just want some advise on which art would suit your home the best – reach out and ask the artist or gallery.

#5 – Follow you heart

Great art makes us stop, observe and feel.

If you’re lucky enough to come across that one piece of art that makes you freeze for a moment and take a deep breath – Don’t hesitate about choosing it for your home.

I guarantee you will not regret it.

#6 – Framing the artwork

As artworks are quite big and fragile – most art galleries and artists prefer to ship artworks rolled inside a rigid cardboard tube.

This shipping method is the most cost effective and safe way to transit artworks from point a to point b.

Once the artwork arrives you can have it stretched and framed at a local vendor with a frame of your choosing.

Feel free to ask the gallery or artist what kind of frame they would recommend for that specific artwork.

Some artworks may be available for purchase while they are already stretched and framed – keep in mind due the size of the package, Shipping art this way may be a bit more expensive.

It is perfectly safe to purchase the artwork rolled in a cardboard tube and having it framed once it arrives.

#7 – Visualize the artwork on your wall

Some art gallery websites offer an online automatic visualisation of artworks on your own wall.

Essentially you snap a picture of your wall, upload it to the online gallery and you can then see exactly how certain artworks would fit on your wall.

#8 – Shop safe

As art may be a rather expensive object to buy online, Make sure to browse around the art gallery website you intend to purchase on.

Read the shipping and returns policy carefully and make sure the terms are acceptable to you.