Your home decor is not all that it could be! And here are 10 reasons why

Art can transform a well designed space into a design masterpiece. Homes that feature art are considered more prestige. Here are 10 reasons why

Art is a "must have" in any interior design

Your walls can (and should) be much more interesting than a simple paint job

Art is a great way to fill blank wall space and add character to the entire home design while doing so

Art creates a visual focal point

Art is often colorful and visually intriguing. Use it to create a dominant visual focal point in any room design and decor

Art tells your story

Make a statement about who you are

Apart from complimenting your furniture and space design - The art you choose for your home decor will tell the people who view it a little bit about who you are

Art adds value

A unique sense of prestige

Art is timeless and beautiful. The right piece of art could set the tone for the entire room it is placed in

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Break the pattern

Mix things up with art

Certain art can be used to "break away" from the rest of room decor, adding a visual flair to the space thus making it more interesting

Bring back a touch of nature

Our modern urban lives creates a wide gap between us and nature. Art is a great way to re-connect with our natural origins

Extend a color scheme on to your wall space

Choose art that matches your home decor's color patterns to make the interior design feel more complete

Art that inspires

An elegant conversation starter

Bold and interesting art is a great conversation starter. Use art to add visual and emotional interest to your home

Art adds beauty and style to any space

Freshen up your home decor

Art gives rooms a personal touch. Use a well placed painting to set a certain room or wall apart from the rest of the rooms in your home

Art to admire

No home decor is complete without art

Art may be the last thing you think about when redecorating or refurbishing your home. But its importance in the interior design process is most significant

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