Trending modern paintings that will kick start your new years wall decor!

The new year is almost upon us and what better time to rethink our wall decor? Get inspired by amazing paintings that will spice up any decor


by Ron Deri

An inspiring art piece featuring a unique combination of color and form. One of Ron's all time best sellers

"Human Brain"

by Ron Deri

One of our all time favorites, An incredibly chaotic and powerful abstract painting that will add a fresh new vibe to any decor


by Ron Deri

A mind blowing colorful abstract line painting featuring and unique and one of a kind whimsical emoji. A perfect addition to any modern home


by Ron Deri

Yet another amazing art piece featuring complex lines and awe inspiring combinations of color. An intelligent and sophisticated addition to any interior

"Tree of life"

by Ron Deri

A beautiful & elegant abstract scene depicting the colorful tree of life on a pitch black background. A piece that adds a splash of intelligent elegance to your home decor

"Sand storm"

by Ron Deri

One of Ron's most recent abstract paintings. An incredible use of vibrant and optimistic tones that will compliment any interior design

"I Robot"

by Ron Deri

Another art piece from Ron's latest collection. A bold and powerful abstract scene filled with color and strength. A perfect piece for any wall decor


by Ron Deri

One of Ron's most popular classic artworks. A unique combination of light soothing tones and vibrant patches of color

"The Giving Tree"

by Ron Deri

An amazing interior design art piece, An abstract tree featuring vibrant tones and captivating shapes. An incredible addition to any wall decor

"Embrace The Sun II"

by Ron Deri

A truly one of a kind wall decor piece like no other. A blast of color of emotion featuring the beloved "In love" emojis


by Ron Deri

A large and inspiring uniquely styled abstract painting that will give your home a new character

About the artist

Ron Deri

Ron creates his artworks using acrylic and oil paints in a style that is unique and innovative in the modern art scene. Ron’s paintings feature vivid and bright colors that will illuminate any room and add an artistic modern look to any interior design. According to Ron, Every day he wakes up and pours his...

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