Top trending art in interior design by Noam Shaked

An outstanding art collection by our promising and emerging artist Noam Shaked. Noam's art utilizes unique combinations of colors & subjects which creates intriguing scenes that are simply a pleasure to look at

"Majestic couple"

by Noam Shaked

The royal couple, King and queen of the wild. Feared and adored by all. An amazing lion wall decor art piece for any modern home

"The white king"

by Noam Shaked

The lion, The one and only king of the animal kingdom. An amazing and inspiring black and white artwork that will breathe new life to any home decor

"The lion - Panthera"

by Noam Shaked

An awe inspiring lion portrait that will add a unique statement to your home decor and interior design

"Embracing the truth"

by Noam Shaked

Small pieces of truth, That is all we could ever handle. An amazing and inspiring female portrait with a bold statement

About the artist

Noam Shaked

The painting process and the paints themselves has been an exciting world of opportunities for Noam for as long as she can remember. A quiet place she could escape to, Without words or speech. A place she could call her own and form it as she pleases. Noam’s journey as an artist started with black...

More about Noam Shaked

"Rectangular chaos"

by Noam Shaked

Simple and elegant, A complex scene of square abstract shapes. Perfect for any modern home decor and interior design


by Noam Shaked

A unique and intelligent abstract art print featuring a touch of gold on a black and white background

"Pine tree"

by Noam Shaked

An incredible canvas abstract art print in black, white and gold. A unique and elegant choice for any modern interior decor


by Noam Shaked

A vibrant and optimistic canvas art print for wall decor and interior design

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