Top trending abstract & modern art for 2022

Abstract paintings and canvas art prints are continuing to gain popularity in 2022. Here is a modern art collection you would not want to miss

"Abra Cadabra"

by Ron Deri

One of Ron's most recent paintings. This is a truly unique art piece that would be a great addition to any art collection

"Elixir of Life"

by Ron Deri

An awe inspiring explosion of color. A breathtaking abstract painting that will light up any interior decor

"Window to the east"

by Michal Rotman Laor

An extremely bright and vibrant artwork that will light up any home decor and interior design

"Blue passageway"

by Benny Moshe

An amazing exhibit of new age modern art. Clean, Elegant and mesmerizing in its beauty

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"Breaking boundaries"

by Michal Rotman Laor

A powerful and intelligent abstract painting that symbolizes how art is clear window into our very soul

"There is a way"

by Michal Rotman Laor

An incredible display of deeply toned colors. This work of art symbolizes the vast would around us and the boundaries we confine ourselves to

"Black hole"

by Benny Moshe

No man made object is perfect. If you look close enough you would find imperfections in all of our creations. An amazing white art piece with an aesthetic imperfection

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