Top 10 tips for decorating your home with art

Choosing the right art can make or break your entire interior design. Here are 10 tips that will help you choose art that is right for you!

Consider available space

There is no need to fill the entire blank space you have on your wall. Art really shines when theres is enough negative space around it. Choose a painting that would fit in the space and have room to spare.
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Contrast is key

High contrast is a great way to add a strong visual focal point to any room design. Don't shy away from art that appears too bold or too colorful
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Matching colors

Sometimes it is a good idea to look for art that fits with the rest of the rooms' color scheme. Just make sure the art gets the space and visual focus it deserves and does not "blend in" with the rest of the design
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Different levels of complexity

A lot of the modern decor we see lately is rather minimalistic. Choosing a complex art for such a decor can make the simplistic design even more prominent
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Black & white art trend

You can simply never go wrong with a black and white art piece. There is something very elegant about the lack of color and these artworks are great in rather complex interior decors
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Natural tones

Our modern homes are mostly filled by cold materials such as steel and glass. Choosing art that features natural tones could really give your home that warm feeling you've been looking for
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Order & chaos

Don't be afraid to create high contrast between your home decor and the art you choose. A chaotic piece could be an amazing fit for a tidy & neat modern home decor

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