Nature has been an immensely popular subject in art since the very beginning. Nature in abstract art has been a recently growing trend.

Ever since humanity realized a small rock could grind a long lasting mark on a caves’ wall – nature has been one the very first things early humans decided to depict in their art.

Fast forward to modern day and age, Nature is still a very popular subject in art both by artists and by art lovers all around the world.

It is one of the few subjects we all share no matter when we live, what language we speak or what religion we subscribe to.

Abstract art attempts to convey a thought or an idea using shapes, colors and textures instead of trying to accurately mimic visual reality.

Depictions of nature in abstract art come in many different shapes and forms.

As spectacular and awe inspiring nature can be – Some artworks manage to top the visual reality of nature and convey an entire abstract natural scene with a few well placed strokes of a brush.

What makes artworks depicting nature so compelling?

Humanity has been gradually moving itself away from nature since the dawn of its existence.

From actual jungles we are slowly moving more and more towards concrete jungles.

As some would say – You can take the man out nature but you cannot take the nature out of the man.

For most of our time the majority of us are surrounded by cold materials such as concrete and steel. There is still something within us than remembers where we came from and what is our true natural environment.

Art that depicts nature instantly take us back to that natural environment, At least in our minds.

Even though the mental journey may sometimes last mere seconds. It is enough to generate and strong sense of calm and harmony with our own existence.

Something that makes us feel like we belong. Like suddenly everything is simple and understood without any complex thought, Just our raw, Primal sense of self.

How great artists create a natural scene using simple shapes, textures and colors

The human brain has evolved over the eons to quickly recognize and identify certain shapes and objects.

Our brains have grown so good in identifying certain shapes and patterns.

We sometimes see meaning where there is none.

For example, How many times have you see a cloud that looks like a face or an animal? This tendency is called Pareidolia and it is something we all experienced sometime or another.

Truly great abstract artists have the ability to reduce and refine an entire visual scene into its core components.

As in, The bare minimum it would take to cause our minds to perceive the scene as what it is meant to be.

This ability to distill the complex visual reality into simple shapes, textures and colors while maintaining the visual meaning is truly awe inspiring.

Nature abstract art has a huge impact on our home decor

Our modern home mainly are mainly comprised of “cold” materials such as concrete, steel and glass.

While a lot of new homes incorporate lots of windows and glass panes that provide a view to the outside.

The majority of us live in cities. Our home decor lacks a connection to nature which is our most natural habitat.

One very popular and easily obtained way to restore that connection to nature is through art.

Art has a massive impact on our home decor and on the emotions and feelings we have while spending time at our home.

Abstract art is known to compliment modern home decor extremely well.

That is why abstract art depicting nature may be the perfect fit for a modernly designed home.

Abstract nature scenes will fit perfectly with modern decor. While also giving the home that missing sense and connection to nature.

Ocean abstract art for sale
“Ocean” by Benny Moshe

In the example above we can see “Ocean” by Benny Moshe.

This amazing abstract ocean scene certainly restores some connection to nature i a modernly designed bed room.

Depictions of nature using abstract shapes, textures and tones

The use of simple abstract shapes and textures that resemble those produced naturally by mother earth.

That is one technique artists use to give an artwork that “natural” look and feel.

It’s amazing how an intelligent artist can make even a simple white slate remind us of a patch of snow.

That is the true gift abstract artists possess.

The ability to make us think and feel exactly what they want just by looking at their work.

In the right hands a seemingly simple blend of colors can be transformed into a forest, a meadow or a pond.

In the example above: “Tree of life” by Ron Deri.

A depiction of the tree of life using simple abstract shapes, dots and a myriad of colorful shades.

How to tell if a nature abstract scene would compliment your home decor

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

Nature abstract artworks could help restore a sense of connection to nature in a modern home decor scheme.

If you consider your home decor to be somewhat modern and most of the materials that make up your decor are synthetic (such as concrete, steel, glass, …) abstract artworks depicting a natural scene may be the right fit for you.

Aside from adding a refreshing splash of color to your home.

It would also help restore that free and natural feeling of being outdoors in nature.

If you are still not 100% sure if a certain artwork would compliment your home decor.

We invite you to use our artwork visualization tool, Its totally free of charge!

Simply click the “visualize this artwork on your wall” button in any artworks’ page.

Snap or upload a picture of your wall and you will instantly be able see how that specific artwork would look like in your home decor.