Art is without a shadow of a doubt a must-have in any living room wall decor.

The living room is the room where we spend most of our time at home.

It is where most of our interaction with our family members or guests takes place.

We want to feel inspired by our environment and art is a great way to achieve that.

The art we choose for our living room wall decor could tell our guests a lot about us, About our family and about the rest of our home.

The right art piece can elevate the whole space, making it more inviting and pleasant.

Two abstract paintings in modern living room wall decor
Two amazing abstract paintings in living room wall decor

Top living room wall decor trends in 2022

As an year that came before it, 2022 brings with it a collection of exciting new wall decor trends.

From old ideas making a giant comeback to completely new and inspired wall decor ideas – We have compiled a collection of the trendiest wall decor ideas.

Here is our compiled list of the top trending wall decor ideas for 2022:

Mixing vibrant contrasting colors

This is one of the most prominent and visually courageous trends in the list.

For instance, Putting together vibrant red and deep green tones may seem crazy at first.

Turns out if you keep this theme of mixing opposite colors together throughout your home decor it comes together nicely.

Abstract art is the perfect art genre to incorporate with this contrasting colors trend.

There are many abstract art pieces that take this trend to the extreme and do a pretty great job at it.

Chic living room interior design using crazy colors, textures and abstract art
Mixing contrasting vibrant colors home and wall decor trend example

Black and white art

A truly timeless classic, Black and white art has been appreciated for millennia.

It’s simply impossible to go wrong with black and white.

Truly great artists manage to use the lack of color to even further convey a concept or an idea.

Black and white abstract art is the most distilled and elegant expression of its genre.

Use it to create an intelligent and sophisticated wall decor theme.

A large black and white abstract painting incorporated in a modern living room wall decor
Black and white abstract art wall decor trend in 2022

Large art and oversized paintings

While “The bigger the better” is not a saying that is true about everything, In recent years it seems it applies well to art.

The usage of huge abstract paintings in modern home decor has been rising in popularity for the past few years and we don’t see it slowing down any time soon.

There is just something very bold and brave about allowing one piece of art to take such a strong role in the home decor.

It gives the work of art a place of honor and establishes it as the center piece of the interior design.

The right art piece in the right room can make wonders in these kind of conditions.

A single dark colored wall

Painting a single wall in a room with a dark tone is one of the newer trends in this list.

It gives the room a more defined sense of space and signifies the darkly toned wall as a visual focal point of the room.

Two square modern paintings on a dark wall
A single dark colored wall, A new living room wall decor trend

Painting collage and small art piece collection

A painting collage or Art collage is a term used to describe multiple small artworks which are placed next to each other on one wall.

This wall design pattern is not new or ground breaking per-say but it is very impressive when done right.

A truly unique and inspiring wall art is one that is made of artworks which differ from each other in color, size and style.

Diversity is the key to achieving the perfect art collage look in your living room wall decor.

Multiple small framed artworks next to each other on one wall
Art collage trend, Multiple small artworks next to each other on one wall

Bare bricks wall, Exposed brick wall

The bare bricks wall decor trend has been with us for quite some time now.

There is just something extremely raw and authentic in the look generated by exposed bricks.

The red and white tones are symbolic and immediately recognizable by anyone from any culture.

If you feel like your living room needs a refreshing new look you should definitely consider this wall decor trend.

Extensive use of glass and metal

Most modern homes are designed with a lot of metal and glass.

Glass and metal add a very clean and elegant look and feel to a rooms decor.

Abstract original paintings are a perfect art choice for modern homes that were designed using mostly metal and glass.

The abstract shapes and lively tones compliment the flat and sleek features of these materials.

While glass and metal objects in home decor are usually designed in a very straight forward way – do not be afraid to combine them with bold and vibrant art.

This combination will create immense contrast and visual interest in the entire design.

Top trending abstract art in a modern interior design living room
Bold and vibrant abstract in a modern home decor mostly designed with glass and metal

Natural design

Quite the opposite than the perviously discussed trend – In recent years some interior designers opt to make extensive use of natural materials in home decor, Materials such as wood and stone are most common.

The use of this natural materials add a touch of nature to the home via its interior design.

Abstract art is an amazing choice for this type of interiors.

The contrast between the complex and and vibrant artworks contrast nicely with the monotonic color schemes of natural materials such as wood and stone.

Two large framed, colorful abstract paintings next to each other in a wood modern home decor
Two amazing abstract art prints in a modern home mostly designed with wood and stone features.

Pattern wallpapers

Using a wallpaper might seem old fashioned and out of style at first. But once you actually see it you realize it is a wall decor trend that would never go out of style.

Using a wallpaper on a single wall in a space can single out that particular wall and signify it as the visual focal point of the room.

If you don’t want the wallpaper to be the biggest and most prominent visual feature of the room – consider adding a large painting or multiple artworks on top of the wallpaper.

Wall pattern in interior design with abstract painting
A grey complex wall pattern with an vibrant large abstract painting

What makes a good painting for living room interior design?

First and foremost it’s important to realize that you don’t have to be an art expert or even an art enthusiast to choose great art for your home decor and interior design.

Art is meant to set the tone of a rooms design, Art does this by telling a story.

Choose art whose message you identify with.

If you follow this simple guideline we can promise you will be more than content with the painting you chose for years to come.

A good painting for living room wall decor is a painting that tells a story that speaks to you.

Don’t be too concerned about choosing artwork whose colors compliment the rest of the rooms design.

Art that creates contrast between itself and its surroundings is at times even more prominent and powerful.

Abstract art print in modern living room wall decor
Canvas abstract art print for living room wall decor

Where to find art to decorate the living room?

The most obvious way to find art is to physically attend art galleries in your local area.

It’s important to note that there are a lot of artists who don’t own a gallery potential customers could just visit anytime.

In modern day and age there is a much easier way to browse art – Online art galleries and artist websites.

Art websites such as our own online art gallery offer you instant access to thousands of works of art by talented artists from all around world.

Feel free to browse as many artworks as you like until you get a general sense of what best suits you and your home’s decor.

Art is personal and unique, Take the time to look for art that inspires and resonates with you and you will be grateful for it for years to come.

Twin artworks, Dual matching paintings in modern living room wall design and interior decor
Canvas abstract art prints in modern living room wall decor, Art by world famous artist Ron Deri

Should i consult an interior designer about choosing art for the living room?

There are plenty of decorating decisions that are clear-cut, Art is certainly not one of those decisions.

Many people hesitate to consult an interior designer about the décor of their home.

They feel it’s an unnecessary luxury and a waste of money, but this could not be further from the truth.

A qualified interior designer will help you make your home a place that you truly love. They’ll do so without breaking the bank.

Keep in mind that an interior designer might have connections to a lot of artists and art galleries you may have never even thought or heard of.

An interior decor professional could be able to introduce you to art that you would not be able to find by yourself.

The choice of art is personal. No one can tell you what is the right art piece for your own living room wall decor.

At the same time consulting about what art to choose could certainly help you make a well informed decision you will be comfortable with.

White, Modern living room decor with a matching abstract artwork
Subtle white abstract art print in modern designed white living room

How high should i hang art on the living room wall?

The correct height to hang art is eye level.

This will make sure your painting is easily noticeable and appreciated.

If the artwork is to be placed above a large piece of furniture, Such as couch or a large cabinet. Make sure to leave enough space around the artwork.

If hanging the painting at eye level means it will be blocked by a piece of furniture or it will be placed too close too it – It is okay to hang the artwork a little bit higher.

Even and sufficient spacing should take precedence over hanging the art piece at eye level.

Colorful abstract artworks hung side by side over sofa in living room wall decor
Two twin canvas art prints, Abstract artworks in modern home decor

Original paintings vs. Canvas art prints

When searching for art you may come to notice original art is more expensive than you intended to spend.

That is perfectly okay. It’s important to keep in mind that original paintings are unique one of a kind works of art. That is why they tend to be more expensive than their canvas art print counterparts.

Canvas art prints are high quality reproductions of the artists original work.

A truly good art print is almost indistinguishable from the original painting.

If you’re decorating your living room on a budget we definitely encourage you to consider using high quality canvas art prints in your home decor.

Please feel free to browse our online gallery for both original art and high quality canvas art prints.

Living room wall decor inspiration
Original abstract art for sale by world class artists

More abstract art in living room wall decor inspiration

Inspiring living room wall decor featuring a large square abstract painting
Living room wall art – Abstract painting in living room wall decor
Modern designed living room with complex abstract works of art
Modern art in living room interior design, Abstract art by Michal Rotman Laor
Powerful abstract wall art that compliments modern living room decor
Modern abstract art, Bold and powerful art in living room wall decor