We have chosen Giuseppe Barbale, An abstract artist to be featured on our online art blog.

About the artist: Giuseppe Barbale

Giuseppe Barbale was born and raised in Novara, Italy.

That is also his current place of residence, Where he lives and has his art studio.

As a chilkd Giuseppe was fascinated by the iron sculptures crafted by his father.

He soon began to experiment with sculpting techniques himself.

In the years that followed Giuseppe was fascinated by street art, That very fascination is what got him to start painting.

Experimenting with different media and materials in the ever lasting quest to express himself and his creativity.
By 2014 he was set on abstract painting as his preferred art medium.

Giuseppe Barbale - Abstract artist, Profile picture
Giuseppe Barbale – Abstract artist

Art shows & Exhibitions

Giuseppe has presented his works of art in numerous exhibitions, Both in Italy and abroad.

2019 – “ARTEXPO 2019” in Mantua, Italy on the occasion of the international biennial.

2019 – “Art Shopping” in the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France for the international art exhibition.

2019 – “Clam belt Gallery” in Beijing, China for the occasion “Regards croisés Paris Séoul Pekin”.

2019 – “La Kunstraub gallery” in Cologne, Italy at the event “Regards croisés Paris-Cologne”.

2018 – 2020 – “Art Expression”, “Opus” & “Finissage” in Novara, Italy for the occasion of the contemporary art exhibitions.

2021 – “Yudian Gallery” in Hangzhou, China for the event “Rhapsody”.

Giuseppe’s artworks are currently on display in the collection of the Copelouzos Museum in Athens, Greece and in numerous private locations around the world.

Featured works of art by Giuseppe Barbale

As we previously mentioned, We think Giuseppe’s abstract paintings are amazing works of art.

Here are some artworks that we particularly enjoyed from this amazing abstract artist.

Abstract art by Giuseppe Barbale - La cerimonia
“La cerimonia” – Abstract art by Giuseppe Barbale
Abstract art by Giuseppe Barbale - Il confine
“Il confine” – Abstract art by Giuseppe Barbale
Abstract art by Giuseppe Barbale - La dama della tempesta
“La dama della tempesta” – Abstract art by Giuseppe Barbale
Abstract art by Giuseppe Barbale - Malefica
“Malefica” – Abstract art by Giuseppe Barbale

About the art

Giuseppe artworks are forged from instinct, Creative freedom and “Artistic trance” as he defines it in his own words.

This “Artistic trance” allows him to transform his thoughts and emotions onto shapes and colors that are then laid on the canvas.

Giuseppe’s favorite art medium is acrylic on canvas for that very reason.

This technique allows him to transfer his concept and emotions onto the canvas in a very short period of time.

The artworks are filled by energy and strength, Usually created using a spatula and utilizing an intense chromatic range.

The layers of color are often accompanied with dark black strokes which run through the artwork creating a particular dynamic.

From time to time strokes of lighter shades are introduced to create contrast.

Giuseppe’s works of art are simply a whirlwind of emotions, Creative, instinctual and energetic.

Giuseppe also delves into another artistic language, which starts from the same premises.

The creation of harmonious backgrounds that give life to orderly alteration of colors.

This technique often creates a sense of the third dimension on the canvas.

New abstract scenes are formed in this unique way.

Some of the artworks are created from memories and dreams of metropolitan cities, Filled by the energy of modern life.

In some of the artworks Giuseppe experiments with a more intimate emotions.

Using monochromatic and trichromatic color schemes.

Usually Red, White and Black which tell the story of moments of inner reflection and silence.

Giuseppe’s true gift is the ability to fuse creative instinct with his memories and his unconscious.

This gift manifests itself as abstract paintings that are full of strength and positive energy.

From Giuseppe Barbale’s instagram page

Giuseppe frequently uploads photographs of his most recent works of art to his instagram page.

If you find his as interesting and intriguing as we do, We more than encourage you to follow Giuseppe on instagram.

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