Bedroom wall decor plays an important role in its design and atmosphere.

The bedroom is perhaps the most private place we have in our modern world.

It is immensely important that our bedroom will feel safe and comfortable.

Here are some pro tips and examples that will help you design your bedroom to perfection.

And as a bonus, We’ve added some bedroom art ideas you may have not thought of.

Art is an important part of any bedroom decor

Some of you may have been wondering: Is art an important part of a living room decor?

We believe the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

Art adds a lot of personality and uniqueness to any interior design.

The bed room is one of the most private spaces we have in our modern world.

It is important to keep our Bed room wall decor fresh and interesting.

Complex abstract painting for bedroom wall decor
“Embrace the sun II” by Ron Deri – A bright and complex abstract artwork for bedroom wall decor featuring hand drawn emojis

How to choose the right art for a bedroom wall decor

From our experience, Most designers tend to design bedrooms to be a clam, Relaxing space.

For the most part, Bedroom walls are painted using a single color or a simple subtle pattern.

If you’re looking to mix things up and give your bedroom into a more lively and dynamic vibe, We would suggest a bold, Bright and colorful art piece.

If it is important for you to keep your bed room as a calm quiet place, A simple and elegant artwork may do the trick.

Don’t be too concerned with choosing art that features the same colors as the rest of your bed room’s design.

It is perfectly okay and even welcome to feature an artwork that has different shades of colors.

This will give the entire design more versatility and generally make it more interesting to look at.

If you do choose an artwork that follows the same color patterns as the rest of the bed room design, Make sure there are other elements in the room that draw visual focus.

Otherwise you will end up with a dull monotonic design and no body wants that.

Bed room wall decor, Large white and gold abstract painting
“Roaring silence” by Ron Deri – An uplifting and optimistic gold and white abstract art piece for bedroom wall decor

Above the bed – Is it a good place to hang art?

We all have seen it countless times before, Bedroom wall art that is hung above the bed.

Most beds leave a big blank space on the wall above them which makes it a great place to hang art.

Keep in mind that artworks require some spacing around them to be appreciated.

Try to find an artwork that both fits above your bed but also leave so blank space around it.

This will in turn let the artwork draw visual focus but not generate a feeling of clutter.

As for the art frame, The optimal art frame for you would be a frame that is visually close to the frame of the bed.

Wether they are made in the same color, or closely resemble in width and thickness.

This will help the artwork blend in with the rest of the bed room design.

While hanging art above the bed is a well know and beautiful interior design pattern, Do not limit yourself to that alone.

If there is more blank wall space in the room it could serve as a great place to feature more art.

Bed room wall decor, Jerusalem abstract art by Ron Deri
“Jerusalem” by Ron Deri – An abstract depiction of Jerusalem’s famous skyline, A great fit for a bedroom wall decor

Guest bedroom wall art

Some people don’t take much time and consideration while decorating and furnishing the guest bedroom.

While it is not the master bedroom it is a room that offers you the opportunity to expose a piece of yourself to your guests.

Each bedroom art decor is equally important and deserves your time, consideration and attention.

We highly recommend you put a lot of thought into decorating this room if you’re lucky enough to have one in your home.

The guest bedroom is a great place to experiment with a slightly bolder style of art that you may have not consider to place in the master bedroom.

The art you choose will say something about who you are and about how you would like your guests to feel while staying at your home.

As the guest bedroom will always serve as a temporary resident, a bit more bold and playful art could be a better fit for it.

Bed room wall decor, Art for bedroom, Interior design, Home decor
“Directions” by Ron Deri – A bold and powerful abstract artwork that adds an extremely playful vibe to any home decor

Large artwork in a bedroom wall decor

When it comes to art the know saying “size does not matter” is usually correct.

While most bed rooms are designed in a rather space efficient manner, A large art piece could make the room feel bigger and more spacious.

As mentioned before, Make sure to leave enough white space around the artwork.

Without enough space around it, The artwork will not stand out and get the visual focus it deserves.

In the case of a master bedroom we fill like a big work of art is a better fit than a collage of small artworks.

It offers a more powerful visual experience and keeps the general look of room tidy and uncluttered.

Modern bedroom wall decor, Fall leaves art, High contract art
“DNA” by Ron Deri – A bold and powerful abstract art piece that would set the tone in any bedroom wall decor. Art featuring hand drawn fall leaves

Bedroom wall art – Original art or Art print?

Original art is unique and one of kind.

As such it is more often that not more expensive than its art print alternatives.

Rest assured, Modern canvas art prints are of extremely high quality and are almost indistinguishable for the original work of art.

Designing a bedroom on a budget is never an easy task.

If it is important for you to own a one of kind unique work of art, Original art may be the best solution for you.

For most other cases a high quality canvas art prints will do the trick just fine.

A lot modern artists now offer works of art for sale as canvas art prints for that same reason.

Bed room wall decor, Large square white and blue abstract art
“Tundra” by Benny Moshe – An elegant an unique abstract art piece for bedroom wall decor

Abstract art in the bedroom

This may be one of those bedroom art ideas that may have not occurred to you.

Art is meant to convey a concept, Instead of trying to mimic visual reality, An abstract artist attempts to achieve this effect while using abstracted shapes, forms, tones and textures.

That is what makes abstract art so unique and interesting to look at and appreciate.

The abstracted shapes and tones are a great visual fit for any bedroom wall decor.

The right abstract artwork could give the room the intelligent, elegant and calming vibe you were looking for.

“After the storm II” by Ron Deri – A bright and vivid red abstract art piece that will light up any bedroom

Multiple artworks above the bed in bedroom decor

Most beds are wide enough to fit two vertical artworks above them.

That is a great idea to create a versatile look and feel.

We recommend you choose two artworks that have some sort of visual common ground between them.

Although a common visual aspect between the artworks is important, It is perfectly fine to choose artworks that feature different tones of color.

The contrast between the artworks will make them both stand out and amplify their visual effect.

Bed room wall decor, Two piece abstract art, Elegant, White and green
“Black Hole” and “Green Hole” by Benny Moshe – Simple and elegant works of art to compliment any bedroom wall decor

Abstract art for the bedroom wall

Here is a quick glance at some of our top trending canvas art prints for bedroom wall decor.
Browse the canvas art prints gallery for more wall decor inspiration.

More examples of art in bedroom wall decor

For your bedroom wall decor inspiration, Here are some more amazing examples of art being used in bedroom interior design.

Bed room wall decor, New age lion portrait modern art
“The Lion – Panthera Leo” by Noam Shaked – An incredibly vibrant and bold art piece that will bring new life to any decor

Notice how the vibrant tones and pitch black background of the artwork contrast nicely with the lighter shades used in the rest of the room.

This high contrast is what gives the artwork the visual focus it needs and deserves, Making it the visual center point of the design.

Bedroom wall decor, Large pink abstract art interior design
“Chaos II” by Ron Deri – An amazing pink and black abstract artwork for bedroom wall decor

In this example we can see how the chosen artwork compliments the color scheme of the room.

It almost feels as if this artwork was made especially to fit the room.

Moreover, While the artwork’s tones are similar to the tones of the other elements in the room, It has enough white space around it for it to stand out.

This white space around the artwork is very important in cases like this.

Without it the artwork would blend in with the rest of the furniture and will miss its entire purpose.

Bed room wall decor, Wide abstract art, Kabbalah by Ron Deri
“Kabbalah” by Ron Deri – A light toned abstract artwork for bedroom wall decor

This is an incredible example of placing art in the bedroom yet not in its most obvious place – above the bed.

In this case, the head board is too tall to fit any decent sized artwork above it.

For that reason, The designer chose to place an artwork above the fire place.

This choice is what gives the room its unique character.

Bed room wall decor, Oversized abstract art, pale blue
“Hope” by Benny Moshe – A pale blue large abstract art print for home decor and interior design

An amazing example of an artwork that contrasts the rooms design both by color and by texture.

This room is a mix of textures between the rugged wall, The furry blanket and the “Scratched” artwork texture.

This mix of colors and textures is what makes the room as inspiring and playful as it is.

Bed room wall decor, Dark walls, Graffiti like colorful abstract art

“Loft” by Ron Deri – An amazing and mesmerizing abstract artwork featuring graffiti like strokes and shades of color

This bedroom is all about the details and complex textures.

Notice the small fine textures on the carpet, the pillows and the artwork above the bed.

The complex textures contrast nicely with the rather plain and elegant furniture.

Such as the wooden floors and black closet on the left.

Bed room wall decor, Inspiring abstract art
“Rectangular Chaos” and “Gold in the Rocks” by Noam Shaked – An amazing collection of abstract art

A truly great example and an inspiration.

Multiple artworks in one bedroom decor, The true dream of any art lover.

These artworks seem to share some common language between them and tie the room together perfectly.

Bed room wall decor, artwork collage, abstract art
“Composition” and “Abstraction” by Ron Deri
Bed room wall decor, Huge vivid abstract wall art
“Composition” by Ron Deri – One of Ron’s top trending abstract art, Perfect for a modern bedroom wall decor

An awe inspiring collage of abstract art above the bed.

This room truly defines what a great bedroom wall decor actually is.

It is simply impossible to escape the visual grasp these artworks force on anyone beholding them.

Each of these amazing artwork is its own masterpiece and together they are even stronger.

Bed room wall decor, Disturbia by Ron Deri, Trending abstract art
“Disturbia” by Ron Deri – One of Ron Deri’s all time best sellers and most popular artworks

And last but definitely not least.

This artwork is one of our abstract art all time best sellers.

Simple yet incredibly powerful work of art that will be a breath fresh air for any room decor.

There is a unique beauty for this specific work of art in this specific room.

It is the fact that it reflects some of the tones that are already present in the room.

This fact is what makes this artwork an amazing fit for this room in particular.

While the artwork blends in well with the rest of the room it also stands out and draws the visual focus it deserves.


The art we choose tells the story of who are.

Art is an important part of any bedroom wall decor.

The entire look and feel of the room will be affected by your art choice.

We hope you enjoyed this collection of tips and examples for bedroom wall decor.

Browse the online art gallery for more amazing abstract art for your home decor and interior design.