What is modern home decor?

A “modern home decor” is a rather wide term used to describe home design patterns that consist mainly of clean, sharp features and utilizes a rather simple color palette.

Commonly used materials in a modern home design may be glass, steel, metal and maybe a touch of polished wood.

A modern home decor is meant to reflect our life style in the modern world.

The general feeling you get when walking in to a home that is modernly designed is a a sense of calm.

The feeling you’ve come to a place that was designed with the needs of modern life in mind.

The simplistic design gives a feeling that the place is very clean and inviting.

A well designed modern home should make who ever experiences it feel like he/she is the center of interest in the space.

The color palette, furniture, art and other design features are all fit together precisely to generate a complete design that is both simple and awe inspiring.

Modern abstract art in modern home decor
A modern home decor featuring abstract art

What is modern abstract art?

While abstract art has been around for a few hundred years, Modern abstract art is a rather new term used to describe abstract art that complies to the same modern design patterns describe above.

Abstract artists aim to reduce the complex visual reality into simple shapes, forms and colors.

Abstract artworks are essentially a distilled representation of reality in the language of shape, form and tone.

These kind of artworks may be perceived differently by different people and leave a lot of room for imagination.

While being a simplified depiction of visual reality – abstract artworks are still very interesting and inspiring visual pieces.

Modern abstract art in a modern design home
Abstract art in modern home decor

What makes abstract art such a perfect fit for modern home decor?

Modern home decor design principles dictate that the home is designed with simplicity in mind.

Modern abstract artworks are created using the same design principles in mind.

That is one of the reasons that modern abstract art compliments modern home decor so incredibly well.

While traditional artworks may consist of a variety of colors and complex shapes and textures – Some modern abstract art reduces that complexity to a limited color palette and simplified shapes and forms.

This allows said modern abstract artworks to make an amazing fit and contribution to a modern designed home decor.

Some modern home designers may choose an abstract art piece with a color palette that compliments the home decor.

Other modern home designers may opt to go the other way and choose a bright and vivid abstract artwork that will add splash of color and interest to a modernly designed space.

Modern abstract art in modern home design and decor
Complimenting colors in abstract art and modern home decor

How to choose the right art for your modern home decor

As mentioned before, Different home decor designers and experts may choose different styles of abstract art for different home decors.

There are a few important things we recommend you keep in mind while looking for a new art piece for your modern home decor:

Luckily, On our boutique online art gallery we offer a self operated artwork visualization tool for free.

Just browse into the page of the artworks you like, Click “visualize this artwork on your wall.

You will then be able to snap a picture of your wall or upload an existing picture and see exactly how each artwork will fit on your wall and space.

Great examples of abstract art in modern home decor

Here are a few examples of abstract art in modern designed homes that we thought were absolutely an amazing fit.

Complimentary colors in abstract art  and modern home decor
Complimentary colors in abstract art and modern home decor

In the photo above: “Deep water” – An original modern abstract art by Benny Moshe.

An amazing example of how the colors, tones and shapes in the abstract artwork compliment the design scheme of the modern home.

The beige / off-white tones in the artwork are a continuation of the the same tones used it the carpet and the dark blue tones in the middle of the artwork are complimentary to the color shades of the dining table on the left and the drapes on the right.

This is a great example of how an original abstract artwork was used in a modern home decor to tie the space together.


Colorful abstract art in a modern home designed with wood
Colorful abstract art in a modern home designed with wood

In the photo above: “A stroll in the country side” – an original abstract art on canvas by Michal Rotman Laor.

This is kind of mixed example but amazing and inspiring nonetheless.

The brown and orange tones in the artwork compliment the wooden tones of the other features in the rooms design.

The other playful color tones in the artwork simply adds interest and vibrance to the entire rooms decor.

Tying it all together, This artwork simply makes the room come alive.

Sometimes a colorful piece of art could fit very well on a dark painted wall such as seen in the photo above.

We think that this room is a great example of how to mix light tones with dark tones and natural materials all together to create a magnificent decor that inspires every person who has the privilege to be in its presence.


abstract art in dining room
Black and white abstract art in modern design dining room

In the photo above: “Frozen lake” – a black and white abstract art print by Ron Deri.

What a great example of how an abstract art piece could tie a room together.

This dining room is designed using “cold materials” – mainly marble and steel.

While amazing and beautiful on itself, This kind of design simply begs for a touch of warmth of nature.

For this kind of room decor the home designer chose this abstract depiction of forest in the snow to restore of touch of nature to the rooms decor.

We think this is simply an amazing fit and makes for a very interesting and inspiring room design.


Colorful modern abstract in white home decor
Colorful modern abstract in white home decor

In the photo above: “Butterfly flutter” – a colorful modern abstract piece by Michal Rotman Laor.

This is another great example of how the home decorator chose a very vibrant and colorful artwork to bring some color back to the room which is mainly designed with light shades of white.

While the room itself appears very neat and clean, The vibrant colors in the artwork bring back some visual focal point and makes the light shades used in the other features in the room stand out even more.

Artworks are sometimes used to create contrast in home decor and we think this is an amazing example of such use of art.

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