Our story begins with one passionate artist - Ron Deri.
Ron has the soul of an artist and his life long dream was to be able to dedicate his entire life to creating art.

Ron has been painting since he can remember himself but as a grownup he soon came to realise that creating beautiful, inspiring art is one thing and bringing food to the table is a whole other story.

Making a decent living as an artist is no easy task and only a select, lucky few get to achieve this dream in their life time.

Nevertheless, Ron kept on painting on a daily basis while spending his working hours as a construction worker in order to make a sustainable living.

In 2017 Ron paired up with his older brother, an entrepreneur and with their friend who is an experienced web designer / developer / makerter.

The three set out to help Ron achieve his life long dream of becoming a full time artist by creating an online art gallery and offering Ron's artworks for sale to art lovers all around the world.

Ron's online gallery: https://ronderiart.com/ has seen huge success since its' launch. Helping Rons' art to reach millions of people worldwide.

Since then Ron has been to able to leave his day job and focus his life on creating and selling his unique amazing art.

Following the success of Ron's online art gallery we have decided to help other artists achieve the dream of becoming artists for a living and so we launched Unleashed Gallery.

We are absolutely crazy about genuine art and there's nothing we love more than getting amazing art in front of the eyes of millions of art lovers around the world.

We realise our success is due to our personal close connection with artists we promote and so we carefully select our artists by hand.

Each artwork that is featured on the online gallery has been hand picked.

We also realise original art may not be affordable to a lot of people and this is why we have decided to offer high quality print reproductions on canvas which are almost undistinguishable from the original art.

While we also offer Original art for sale, The art prints enables the artists work to be acquired by more art lovers at an affordable cost, Supporting the artists work.

We believe art tells the story of who we are as people and it is our great please to enable great artists show their amazing work to millions of people around the world.